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Mercury's strategic partners say it best...

“Mercury has demonstrated integrity over the long term. When many investment firms appear just long enough to make a quick buck and leave, Mercury endures. They always find ways to make good investments—even when it's not easy.”

Vicki A. Allison, Principal
Allison-Shelton Real Estate Services, Inc
Phoenix, AZ

“The principals of Mercury have a great mix of creativity and common sense in choosing and managing assets. Because of their thoroughness and ingenuity, they look at investment properties differently. They leave no stone unturned in finding ways to maximize the value of their ventures. "In keeping investors informed, they give accurate and timely property assessments—warts and all. They have no hidden agenda.”

Mark Myles, Trust Manager
Hartley Trusts/Investor
Duluth, MN

“As an advisor, investor and partner, I'm impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by all of Mercury's principals. In particular, their depth of knowledge in diverse disciplines as construction, operations and asset management is highly advantageous. Their focus, integrity and attention to details makes us very comfortable doing business with them.”

Boaz Ashbel, Managing Director
Aztec Group, Inc/Investor
Coconut Grove, FL

“In lending to Mercury, I appreciate the fact that they are educated borrowers. You usually think of a thorough due diligence process as a benefit to investors, but it spills over into banking. Because they've done their research, they are able to immediately provide accurate, detailed information. They are a banker's dream.”

Bill Arezzo, Vice President
National Bank of Commerce
Duluth, MN

“Working with Mercury Investment has been like working with an extension of our family business. Mercury's strong business ethics and integrity is top notch and has made our working relationship very pleasurable and efficient.”

Darand Williams, Vice President
D&D Construction Services
Ocoee, FL

“Mercury is a highly valued partner to Concord. The principals of Mercury have high integrity and are extremely knowledgeable in numerous fields spanning investor relations, finance and asset management. Perhaps most importantly, they share our values and philosophies on how to conduct business and drive value to our investors.”

Mark Laport, President & CEO
Concord Hospitality Enterprises/Investor
Raleigh, NC

“In structuring a deal, Abbot's legal background allows him to foresee and avoid potential problems. Karen's operation knowledge allows her to oversee all aspects of properties for maximum profitability. And, with Maureen's financial background, they present financial information thoroughly and accurately. When they come to me for financing, I can depend on them to have their transactions in order.”

Peter Hennen, Vice President, Principal
Venture Mortgage Corporation/Investor
Edina, MN

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